Mrs Elizabeth Appleton and her sister Mrs Elizabeth Parker

The Post Office directories list Mrs Elizabeth Appleton and Mrs Eleanor Parker as being in residence at Sydney Lawn, Sydney Buildings from 1892.

Elizabeth Appleton was born Elizabeth Delaforce in 1840 at Peckham. Two years later, in 1842, and with the family still at Peckham, her sister Eleanor was born. Both married physicians: Eleanor to William Parker in 1865 and Elizabeth to Thomas Benjamin Appleton in 1870. The men were considerably older than their wives.

William Parker died in 1884 and Thomas Appleton in 1885. Both families were by then living in Bath, and both husbands were buried in Smallcombe Cemetery in adjoining plots marked by matching red granite obelisks.

Seven years later, in 1892, the sisters came to live at Sydney Lawn (now No 10) Sydney Buildings. Elizabeth died in 1904 at the age of 64. Her sister continued to live at Sydney Lawn until her death in 1922 at the age of 80. They are buried with their husbands

The memorials - July 2010

In June 2010, the council deemed the obelisk for William Parker to be unsafe and it has been laid down. The inscriptions for both graves can be read on the Cemetery Memorials page for Area A.

Neal Kerss

July 2010

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