No 45 Sydney Buildings

No 30 pre 1902

No 45 today

The deeds for No 45 are not available but the early documents for No 47 reveal a family connection to both No 46 and No 47.

Benjamin Colborne, his wife Frances and their four children lived at No 45 from 1837. Frances Colborne's father, John Jacques, purchased the adjacent plot in 1837 and built No 46. The original dwelling was extended at a later date by John Gregory, the husband of Mary Eliza, one of the Colborne daughters. The plot was divided and John Gregory built No 47, or Holly Villa as it was then known. Mary Eliza Gregory remained at No 45 until her death in 1900. Frances Colborne, John Gregory and Mary Eliza Gregory are buried at Smallcombe Cemetery.

To view the early history of No 47 with the link to the Colborne family click here.

Neal Kerss

September 2011

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