No 42 Sydney Buildings

No 42 today, on the left

An Indenture of 1813 records the earliest transfer of (undefined) land in 1735 from William to Harry Pulteney. The document records 15 further transfers up to 1813, the last being between the Earl of Darlington and William Russell.

An Indenture of 1820 records a transfer between Darlington and Thomas Howell, as two building plots at Nos 28 and 29 Sydney Buildings.

A Memorandum of 1825 between Thomas Howell and William Hancock, dimensions the two plots Nos 28 & 29, and describes a house to be constructed on the east side of plot 29 to the design of John Pinch Architect (Surveyor to the Darlington Estate), exactly as it exists today.

Elevation design by John Pinch

The 1852 City of Bath plan, sheet 46, shows the property at No 29 with a side extension onto plot 28. Villas on adjacent plots are shown, and plot 28 to the north has been enlarged to accommodate Sydney Villa.

The 1886 City of Bath sheet 14611 (1:500 Ordinance Survey) shows the street in some detail together with garden layouts of all the villas (un-numbered).

1886 Map section with No 28 at letter 'i' and No 29 at 'n'

The buildings in the road were renumbered in 1902.

A 1908 Indenture showed that the then owner, Mr Davies, sold No 42, formerly No 29, together with a garden on the east side of the road, to Mr Arthur Best for £260.

The 1951 plan 31/7564NE (1:1250 Ordinance Survey) shows a simplified version of the 1886 plan.

The 1998 HM Land Registry Title AV 28395 confirmed title of No 42 to Mr Stephen Osgood and Ms Margaret Vaughan.

Extracts from the deeds and additional information compiled by Steve Osgood

June 2009

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