No 28 Sydney Buildings

Digest of Conveyance dated 9th September 1901

No 28 as it is today

This deed reflects the sale of the house and plot then called No 15 by Mr. Edward Adams and his trustees to Mr. Edward Lewis Dark for £265, subject to an annual head rent of £3 6s. 6d. Mr. Adams had inherited the property in 1894 from his father George Adams, who had also owned the land on which today's Nos 26 and 27, originally called 1 and 2 Kelston View, had been built some time after 1872.

These two properties, with annual head rents of £2 10s. each, had been sold earlier in 1901 to George William Schneegans. The sale to Mr. Dark, probably the other one too, was preciptated by creditors of Mr. Edward Adams.

The deed refers back to the original release of the land for residential development in 1820. It mentions an Indenture of Building Grant dated 25th March in that year between the Earl of Darlington, Robert Offer and Luke Evill.

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Chris Morrissey

June 2009

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